Why Anyone Can Run For Senate

Why anyone can run for Senate, steps to start by yours truly (www.zimmerforsenate.com)

So, you have decided that the elected officials that are running our government are inadequate.

You feel that you could do a much better job and help get this country out of the mess that it is

in. Okay, so what is your first step to making your mark in history? Well, the first thing you need

to do is to decide what level of government you would like to serve. Do you want to be on the

local level, state level or the federal level? Let’s go for the gusto and run for a seat in the United

States Senate! There are a few requirements that you must meet to be able to represent your

state. The United States constitution states, (in article one, section three, clause three) that a

U.S. Senator must be at least thirty (30) years old before being sworn in. The official must

inhabit the state in which they choose to represent and must have a United States citizenship

for at least nine (9) years prior to running for office. There are no specific requirements

concerning training or education but, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is

beneficial to have some sort of background in the legal, business or education fields. A senate

candidate must also be up to date on their taxes, pass a criminal background check and most

states require that you are registered with a political party. It is also beneficial if you have

above average communication, organizational and leadership skills. There you go, you are now

ready to throw your hat into the ring!

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