This has been a truly historic national election which was distinguished by a level of engagement by the electorate not seen in modern times. While I did not win, I did receive more votes than any other New Jersey Republican Senate candidate in history and I was one of the relatively few Republican Senate candidates throughout the country with a better statewide percentage margin against my opponent than John McCain had against Barack Obama.

I want to thank all of you who made phone calls, stuffed envelopes, walked door-to-door and put up signs. I want to also thank all of you who contributed financially.

Since April I've campaigned in every corner of New Jersey. I love this state. But I remain dismayed that New Jersey faces an epic crisis of affordability. I ran for the Senate because it is unacceptable that we export tens of billions of tax dollars to the other 49 states and we receive only 61 cents for every tax dollar we send to Washington, making us dead last in our rate of return.

The goal of New Jersey's political leadership should not simply be getting more money back from Washington so we can have more of our own boondoggles and Bridges to Nowhere. The goal must be a leaner, more thoughtful, less expensive federal government.

Our children can no longer afford to raise families in New Jersey. Our parents can no longer afford to live out their days in New Jersey. I've done my best throughout this campaign to focus on the issues that matter most not just to me, but to the people of my state.

Throughout my political life, I fought for the same causes I supported during this campaign: sensible spending, smaller government, political reform and putting trust in American ingenuity, not in government.

I hope that with this election comes more restraint and responsibility. I hope the change we all want includes a change from the free spending, wasteful days of the past.

Momentous policy decisions will be made in the next few years - decisions that we need to get right for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. Though I will not be a Senator, I intend to work in every way possible to make sure our future will be brighter--and I know you will too.

Thank you again. It has been a privilege to be your candidate.


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Dick Zimmer