- Lautenberg Criticized for his “peek-a-boo tactics in avoiding debates” –

Flemington, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer has been endorsed by the Hunterdon County Democrat for his strong record of fighting for fiscal responsibility and transparency in government. 

"It is real honor to be endorsed by the newspaper that knows me best. I am pleased that the editors of the Hunterdon County Democrat know I will cut wasteful spending, keep taxes low and restore fiscal responsibility to the U.S. Senate.  For too long Senator Frank Lautenberg has been a part of the problem.  New Jerseyans can trust me to look out for their best interests."

The Hunterdon County Democrat editorialized as follows:

...Rather than re-elect Democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg, we have the happy option of electing an intelligent, ethical Republican - former Congressman Richard Zimmer of Delaware Township. Mr. Zimmer's base in politics is right here in Hunterdon. Over the years, we've come to know and trust him. He was our Assemblyman, our state Senator and our Congressman. We still rue the day in 1996 when Robert Torricelli outslimed him in a U.S. Senate campaign. New Jersey and the nation lost that day.

Mr. Zimmer's always stood for good government, run openly. He wants tax dollars spent frugally, not recklessly. He views issues soberly, not rashly. Yet he's not against using government forcefully when only it can make the difference. We've been dismayed at Sen. Lautenberg's campaign. His peek-a-boo tactics in avoiding debates tell us he's afraid what we'd see in the judgment and vitality of a man who would be 90 at the end of his next term. That doesn't bode well for how effective he'd be in a new term.

Mr. Zimmer is as proven and experienced public servant. His sensitivities fit Hunterdon's temperament - moderate on social issues, a watchdog on fiscal matters. New Jersey would be well served with Dick Zimmer as their Senator, and we're proud to say that. (Hunterdon County Democrat. 16 October 2008)

-- Zimmer Challenges Lautenberg to Emulate Presidential Candidates --

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer today called on Senator Lautenberg to immediately come out of hiding.  In September WCBS-TV proposed to host a debate between the U.S. Senate candidates this Sunday, October 19, 2008.  Zimmer immediately accepted the offer.  Senator Lautenberg has refused.

Zimmer issued the following statement:

"WCBS-TV in New York offered to host a debate between Senator Lautenberg and me on October 19th.  Senator Lautenberg refused to accept this offer, as he has done with all other offers to debate on New York and Philadelphia network-affiliate TV stations. 

"Last night the two presidential candidates debated for the third time.  The focus of their debate was the critical economic issues facing this country.  Earlier this month, I called on Senator Lautenberg to go head-to-head with me on the economy, the financial crisis and stabilizing our markets.  He remained silent. 

"It is time for Senator Lautenberg to come out of hiding. 

"Senator Lautenberg's refusal to debate on New York or Philadelphia network-affiliate TV demonstrates his contempt for the citizens he seeks to represent for six more years.  New Jersey voters deserve better."



-CCAGW PAC Throws Support to Zimmer for his Strong Pro-Taxpayer Record -

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer today was endorsed by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) for his exceptional record of fiscal discipline and fighting on behalf of American taxpayers.   

Zimmer released the following statement:

"I am truly honored to receive the endorsement of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee.  This organization is committed to promoting fiscally responsible candidates who will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse and who will put the taxpayers' interests first.  Therefore I'm extremely proud that CCAGW has recognized that taxpayers can rely on me to fight for fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability in Washington."

Every year Zimmer was Congress, Citizens Against Government Waste named him a "Taxpayer Hero" except for the two years they named him a "Taxpayer Superhero."


CCAGW PAC Endorses Dick Zimmer for U.S. Senate (Washington, D.C.) – The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) today announced its endorsement of Dick Zimmer for election to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey. “When Dick Zimmer was in the House of Representatives, he served the citizens of New Jersey with distinction and had an outstanding record of fiscal discipline and fighting on behalf of all taxpayers,” CCAGW PAC Chairman Tom Schatz said. “We are confident that his strong leadership abilities and longstanding fiscal conservative values will continue to guide his agenda as he seeks to return to Washington as a senator.” While in the House, Dick Zimmer received a lifetime rating of 95 percent from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW). A member of Congress with a rating greater than 80 percent qualifies as a “Taxpayer Hero.” He also signed CCAGW’s Earmark Reform Pledge. His opponent, Sen. Lautenberg, has a 2007 vote rating of 6 percent and a lifetime rating of 24 percent. Those scores make him “unfriendly” to taxpayers. “Washington continues to spend too much and with the recent passage of the $700 billion credit bailout bill, it is important to send more fiscal conservatives to Congress to rein in spending. Throughout his career in the House, Dick Zimmer proved he will fight for taxpayers, instead of special interests. CCAGW PAC knows he will continue his hard work of eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse on behalf of all residents in New Jersey.” concluded Schatz. CCAGW PAC is affiliated with the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, a 501(c)(4) organization. CCAGW PAC’s mission is to support political candidates who will fight to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government and represent the best interests of taxpayers. ###

-- Lautenberg $8 million Earmark Left Hanging --

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign this week highlights Senator Frank Lautenberg's $8 million earmark to fund the Camden-Philadelphia Aerial Tram Project.

Senator Lautenberg inserted an $8 million earmark for the tram project into a transportation authorization bill in 1998.  To date, $17 million has been poured into its development.  The estimated cost of completion is an additional $57 million.  The Philadelphia terminus of the tram was originally supposed to be a huge entertainment complex that was abandoned by its developer in 2003. No visible construction has taken place since foundations for the tramway's towers were completed more than four years ago.  (Project #1661, P.L. 105-178; $40 Million is Burning a Hole in DRPA Pocket, Monica Yant Kinney, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 27, 2008; Delaware River Port Authority, 2008 Proposed Capital Budget, http://www.drpa.org/pdfs/2008CapBudget5Yr.pdf)

Zimmer issued the following statement:

"All that there is to show for Senator Lautenberg's $8 million earmark is a $17 million replica of Stonehenge in the Delaware River.

"New Jersey gets only 61 cents back on our federal tax dollar. This is another example of how even that 61 cents often fails to benefit New Jerseyans.

"New Jersey taxpayers are in the midst of an energy crisis, an affordability crisis and now a financial crisis. We must reject Senator Lautenberg and his wasteful pork-barrel spending habits.  New Jersey deserves better.  I pledge to rein in government spending and fight to shut down the pork-barrel game in Washington."

Zimmer's "Waste of the Week" campaign is designed to highlight Senator Frank Lautenberg's record of supporting wasteful spending and pork-barrel politics at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers.  Previous Wastes of the Week were the $300 billion Farm Bill, the $389 million Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska, a $225,000 pamphlet on beaver damage, various Monuments to Me spending projects, the Teapot Museum in North Carolina, the Joplin, Missouri interchange, Amtrak's Sunset Limited, renovations for the Scottish Rite Theatre in Collingswood, New Jersey, the EarthPark indoor rainforest in Iowa and the Frank R. Lautenberg Train Station. 

Lawrenceville, NJ - U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer today endorsed a proposal by state GOP legislative leaders to institute a sales tax holiday and called on his opponent Senator Frank Lautenberg to support the plan.

Zimmer released the following statement:

"New Jerseyans are facing an affordability crisis and they need immediate relief.  For far too long Washington and Trenton have lived beyond their means and taxpayers are hurting. We need to alleviate the tax burden on working families and stimulate the economy.  In this time of national economic uncertainty it is critical that any revenue loss needs to be matched by spending cuts.

"For 24 years Senator Lautenberg has supported higher taxes and allowed New Jersey to fall to dead last in the return on our federal tax dollar.  Senator Lautenberg has failed to defend the taxpayer at every turn.  That's why I call on him to change his ways and support this measure."