- Debate Highlights Senator’s Nonexistent 24-Year Record and Lack of Vision for Re-Election -

Lawrenceville, NJ - Senator Frank Lautenberg demonstrated his weak grasp of the current financial crisis and his failure to avert it during 24 years in office in last night's radio debate on 101.5 FM.  


U.S. Senate candidate Dick Zimmer asked Senator Lautenberg if he could name three things he did in his 24 years in office to avert the current financial crisis and why we should expect anything better from him in another six years.


Here is Senator Lautenberg's complete answer:


Well uh, I uh, voted uh to uh cap uh CEO uh pays which uh I note that you opposed. Uh and uh I have uh constantly focused on uh helping uh the middle class that uh, uh to be to able to sustain themselves.  I uh uh voted uh uh to uh, improve uh uh our uh educational system by uh uh helping uh get a uh uh a GI Bill passed a uh very recently. Uh and uh I am uh uh I am proud of the votes that I have taken.   I think that the middle class is uh better off from my efforts and I intend to want to continue to help them.


   And uh I uh vote I uh created legislation that uh to uh avert further expansion of our deficit. I voted against uh some of the uh funding uh that uh we were uh uh giving uh to uh help the uh giant uh companies in in our country get uh uh incentive grants.  Uh I've worked very hard on trying to uh stop the uh special interests from uh from enveloping our society uh your party Dick Zimmer and uh uh and uh the Bush Administration. I've worked very hard to control things.   I was a businessman. I know something about controlling deficits and uh uh creating revenues and creating jobs and uh I uh think uh that I've earned uh my stripes uh by doing it the right way.

"Not only is Senator Lautenberg unable to identify a single thing he did to avert the current financial crisis in his 24 years as a Senator; he doesn't have a clue how we can avoid another financial crisis in the future,"  said Zimmer campaign manager Mark Duffy.  "There can be no stronger argument for replacing Senator Lautenberg with Dick Zimmer in the U.S. Senate."