History of Women in the Senate

Since we have a woman running for president, I thought it would be cool to look into the history of how many women have been in the Senate. I didn’t know this, but since the Senate began in 1789, there have been 44 senators who are women.

Rebecca Felton was the first woman to serve (only for a day) in the Senate in 1922. However, she wasn’t the first woman elected to the Senate. That honor goes to Hattie Caraway in 1932. Presently, there are 20 women senators in Congress.

1992 – Year of the Woman

1992 is considered the “Year of the Woman” in Congress. In the 103rd Congress election, this branch of US government was no longer a “boys’ club.” Democrat Barbara Mikulski of Maryland was re-elected, and four other Democrats were elected to Congress, including Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein of California, and Patty Murray of Washington.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas won a special election in 1993 and became the 2nd Republican (Nancy Kassebaum of Kansas is the other one) in Congress. Since this time, a large number of women have been elected to Congress. 31 women have been elected to Congress, and 20 of them still serve in office.

Before 2001, most of the women who served as senators were appointed to the position due to the death of a husband or father. Now, women are getting into the Senate on their own accord.

You go girl!



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